Evil Apples: A Filthy Adult Card & Party Game


Evil -Apples-1.jpg

-2,250 answer cards and card 550 questions! Never boring!
-Play with people nearby using GPS.
-Join your friends anywhere using SMS, Twitter or Facebook.
-Join the Blitz mode games at random to go fast with strangers.
-Stay cool with in-game chat to blow your mind!
-Remove the tags you don’t like.
-Write wildcards with fully customize the text.
-Creative FaceHole technology!
It means starting a riot when I start to play with your friends “
Evil apples is a card game of hilarious & filthy inspired by the popular party card game against humanity. And thanks to you, it was also ranked # 1 in Word & card games in America! : D
Evil -Apples-2.jpg
__! HOW TO PLAY! __
-Take the 3 nearby friends. You are playing.
-A question cards will be shown to all players, such as “nothing stimulates a group of Catholic Priests than ___.”
-Each player chooses a card from their hand, for example: “high school crushes.”
-A judge among you select cards and awards 1 point to the winner.
-First 7 points wins the game, and your respect.

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=>>  Kill Shot



Kill Shot


Kill- Shot-1


-100 + different weapons to choose from
-Maximize your firepower with four weapon classes:
+ Sniper rifle,
+ Gun
+ Shotgun
+ See the gun
-Unlock the powerful upgrades for all types of weapons.
We have confirmed the killing of the soldier. Good luck.


-More than 1000 first person shooter mission to complete.
-Awesome 3D graphics.
-Forget the Orange bullet kill shot moments.
-System event global Ops with prizes to be won
-50 unique maps and beautiful locations.


-Sofa-quickly find all enemies.
-Slow-Mo-slow time to line up the perfect Shot to kill.
-Armor-Piercing bullet-if you press it, you will kill it.
Kill Shot

-4 Leaderboards to challenge your friends.
-50 achievements to complete and earn in-game rewards.

You are a secret special forces troops are ready to play your part in dangerous attacks military FPS and Silent Assassin missions.

With access to powerful gun, you will rely on your marksmanship skills to get the job done. Upgrade your sniper rifle to improve accuracy, damage and range.

Your job is the sniper is going into enemy territory to locate and remove the hidden goals. Stare down your rifle range, zoom in to find and identify targets. Take a breath … and pull the trigger to shoot to kill.

===== >>> You can refer to some of our games as:  gun mayhem, can your pet,  age of war. It will be very interesting for you there


Hungry Shark World

Hungry Shark Evolution – games have been released long ago but still makes millions of players around the world must “sit-down” waiting for updates to be further transformed into a “guy” bloodthirsty sharks ready to swallow anything he saw on the trail.


Recently there appeared a version of “descendants” new named Hungry Shark World with the “crisis” of the “killer” according to Ubisoft announced the development is also far more fierce than before. Hungry Shark World striking game environments with extensive worldwide coverage and collection of massive sharks, promises to give players journey to hunt very attractive food.




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Game Empire

Download game empire to present themselves as a good strategy in the battle. This game is also fun games are very popular in the community on the PC. 8x and 9x the first generation will definitely like this game. Players can entertain after lunch break with games came very attractive, when you play in addition to the possible war with the top one there. There are going to beat the league with more Chinese people excited and nervous is not it. Along download games to join this fun game offline.


How to play this strategy game is extremely simple and you just get people to eat fruit, eat elephant Huoi then carried it up forever enough. When you reach the second life you can apply for occupation troops to other bases then. In the free game Empire players will be met prodigy sparrows away from sun and challenge him. But be careful because this is a prodigy of his Vietnam where it was not just decent shape.


Once you have a powerful army where you want to hit well long to have new troops. When phone gaming empire, there is little difference in the PC version then, when playing this game you can improve your intelligence by using many different tactics in a fight. In addition to training their thinking abilities, you should consult some games our free now offline!

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Rich Cars 5

The adrenaline seeking, adventurous racers are back with their pockets full of riches as they have successfully completed their tour and proved themselves to be the better among the rest of the racers. They are back again to face some incoming challenges and difficulties which challenges your skill to the top.
Rich Cars 5

Experience the retro lifestyle as you move along the adventure with these rich racers in Rich Cars 5. Bringing you with more advanced cars with better class and styles, but don’t get too excited, because you are not getting your hands on these just yet, prove yourself once again to get the best cars in the vintage time. Cops are out looking for the criminals of Rich Cars again, make sure you avoid these successfully or else your days of being rich will be over in an instant.

Controls of the game

The basic controls must be learned before you can play the game, here are all the controls or keys involved in the game –

Up arrow key accelerates the car
Down arrow key moves the car backward
Right arrow key leans or balances the car forward in a clockwise direction
Left arrow key leans or balance the car backward in an anti-clockwise direction
Press the Z key to shoot rockets from the car
Press the X key to boost the speed of the car by using nitro
Press the Space bar to jump with the car
Press Esc to pause the game
Game overview

Rich Cars 5 is one of the many sequels of Rich Cars, it includes a fast paced, racing action adventure filled with extreme stunts. Race against time and now with the addition of the ability race against the other racers as well. Complete challenges and perform better stunts to unlock and proceed towards the next level. The environment has undergone many changes with the inclusion of different props and obstacles as well as more vintage posters and many different changes in the theme of the environment which suggests the change of the world and its taste.


Rich Cars 5

The criminals are ready for some more action and adventure and this time they encounter better cars and richer people with more class in their journey. The world is changing its taste and these people are better and more skillful at this, which is why they are up to the challenge to keep up with the world and be much richer and classier than they ever were.

Different features of the game


Rich Cars 5 introduces some unique new features and adds an extra flavor to the game. But the game also keeps its similarity between the other parts or prequels as well. This time the game includes the race between other racers who are competing against you. You must reach the top in order to get your hands on the best cars in the world and before you can do that you must beat the best, by defeating the better racers you get to choose and buy different cars and upgrades to increase your performance and as you progress you will face tougher opponents with better cars and better skills as well as the police trying to get their hands on you.


And you also get the opportunity to get some more upgrades by doing quests unrelated to the primary objectives. These quests are assigned by some of the great racer friends who are asking for a favor, if you can complete their favor you will be able to get bonuses. These quests or favors can be completed within any part of the game, so always be on the lookout.

Basketball Games

If you want to play basketball but you are not that physically competitive or you do not want to soak up in sweat, why not play online basketball games? This is the next best thing to playing the real game. There are basketball games that can be downloaded and installed on the computer, while there are those that are readily available to play using the browser. There are basketball game applications that can also be installed on gadgets like iPad and iPhone. The good thing about installing the game on the computer or device is that you can play even when there is no Internet connection. But if you prefer to play instantly without any download or installation, online basketball games are your best choice.

As long as you have good Internet connection, there are several types of basketball games that you can play on the web. Different game websites offer various basketball games so you will never run out of a new game to play in case you get bored on one game. There are games that can be played with single player, while others can be played with two players. Some games have massive multiplayer modes allowing you to play with other people online.

If you are just starting to play basketball game online, it is best if you try playing the single player game first. This will help you practice on your shooting skills using the mouse. Most of the games require holding the mouse and releasing to shoot the ball. Adjust the spot where you will let go of the mouse so the ball will enter the basketball ring. There are different options for playing the game. Unlimited shooting is available in which you are allowed to play as long as you want. You can then move to the different modes when you are ready.

World Basket Cup

There are time challenge modes in which you will be given limited time to shoot as many as you can. The time limit may vary from one game to another. Some gives 30 second limit while others have 2 minute limit. If you want to feel the excitement and rush of the game, try this mode, as this is what you feel as you are time pressured. You can also pick your team to play with another team. If playing alone, the other team will be controlled by the computer. What is even better about playing these basketball games on the Internet is their cool graphics. Some have simple interface with cartoon like figures while others are made in 3D.


Keep practicing playing these games and you will get used to it. It may be difficult at first to shoot some balls but you will get better in time. Once you find the right distance and timing on shooting the ball, everything will be easier. There are basketball games that have stadium settings while others are set on streets. Players may be wearing jersey or their cool outfits. Some basketball games do not even have characters included but the ball alone.

The Spawn of the Open World Survival Genre

Survive. That’s your objective: you don’t have to save the world, you don’t have to kill a fearless warlord. All you have to do is survive. This may seem boring, right? Not anymore as a few games recently have taken this formula and enhanced it, making the survival genre a very prominent figure in the gaming industry.

It seems that there are an increasingly large number of open world survival games getting published and it’s for a good reason. While they may seem esoteric at first because you have little to no idea how to play unless you have a preconceived idea of what you need to do in order to survive, they often provide limitless gameplay and secrets everywhere in the world. Survival games today are becoming increasingly popular but have few direct objectives other than the survival aspect, the games in the genre elicit logic and creativity from the player, causing for seemingly infinite amounts of player-generated objectives.


The most obvious and most popular open world survival game that helped spawn the new genre is Minecraft. Minecraft is extremely popular for a reason; there is no clear objective from the start and the player is able to do whatever they want. Aside from the initial collecting resources to create a shelter and the looming possibility of defeating the Ender Dragon, there is no inherent objective in the game. You can do virtually whatever you want, whether that is build an intricate house for yourself or wander around the world killing monsters, it is all up to you.

Because of this, the game has become an international phenomenon. It is used regularly for YouTube commentaries, allowing it to spread by word of mouth. It allows for the player to sink countless hours into the world in order to gather the resources to build his or her next big self-created objective. When that specific objective is done, you can move on to your next idea, and repeat that as many times as you would like. There is no limit to what you can do in Minecraft, which is why it has become the phenomenon it is today.

Another game that has contributed to the open world survival genre and was released last year for PC and this year for the PlayStation 4 is Don’t Starve. The objective in Don’t Starve is in the name: you need to collect resources in order to keep from starving, dying from monsters or going insane. The game also gets more and more complex the farther into the game you make it. As you explore, you find more new enemies, resources, and locations.


Though there are story cutscenes in the game explaining how the characters got to where they were, story elements never undermine the core gameplay of Don’t Starve, aside from an unlockable Adventure Mode. The game has many complexities initially unknown to the player that are only discoverable through exploration, and finding these is always rewarding and helpful to surviving. Survive as many days as you can, then unlock more characters for variety in play-style and do it all again. Don’t Starve is a great example of the survival genre, using the aspects of it to make a deceptively deep survival experience.

dont starve\


When you hear the word survival, you probably think zombies. Post-apocalyptic games are so common today and zombie survival games are prominent in the genre. There are many survival games that take place during the zombie apocalypse, and your main objective is to survive as long as possible. A game like DayZ is a realistic zombie survival game in which your only objective is to live as long as you can, avoiding zombies and other players who can kill you as well. While doing this, you gather supplies such as bandages, food and water in order to maintain your health.

Other games are less realistic, throwing you in the middle of thousands of brain-craving zombies while you fight your way back to a safe house, like in Dead Rising or Dead Island. Whichever side of the spectrum the zombie games are, they all play into the same open world survival genre. These games have become so popular and there are now so many zombie survival games for everyone, and each of them helps the genre grow larger and larger.

Open world survival was not a prominent genre until a few years ago, a few select games have helped the genre grow to the point where it is today, making it one of the most popular genres around. Games like Minecraft helped the genre become more popular because of its infinite possibilities and recent games have followed in its footsteps with their survival aspects, attempting to bring something new to the table. The genre has become so saturated and yet there are still so many possibilities. While not every title is a game-changer, each game released in the genre helps it become something bigger and better, which is something I doubt many people saw coming just a few years ago.