Evil Apples: A Filthy Adult Card & Party Game


Evil -Apples-1.jpg

-2,250 answer cards and card 550 questions! Never boring!
-Play with people nearby using GPS.
-Join your friends anywhere using SMS, Twitter or Facebook.
-Join the Blitz mode games at random to go fast with strangers.
-Stay cool with in-game chat to blow your mind!
-Remove the tags you don’t like.
-Write wildcards with fully customize the text.
-Creative FaceHole technology!
It means starting a riot when I start to play with your friends “
Evil apples is a card game of hilarious & filthy inspired by the popular party card game against humanity. And thanks to you, it was also ranked # 1 in Word & card games in America! : D
Evil -Apples-2.jpg
__! HOW TO PLAY! __
-Take the 3 nearby friends. You are playing.
-A question cards will be shown to all players, such as “nothing stimulates a group of Catholic Priests than ___.”
-Each player chooses a card from their hand, for example: “high school crushes.”
-A judge among you select cards and awards 1 point to the winner.
-First 7 points wins the game, and your respect.

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