Final Fantasy XIV Online

New Final Fantasy XIV was officially released worldwide in mid-August last, and immediately, this game has received warmly received by gamers with a million registered accounts.

Not only introduced details on how to download, buy accounts … to the basic guidelines of the game as an introduction to the character class, the basic features to the new prime mission, various games Vietnamese players must also sell game account, as well as playing cards hour of Final Fantasy XIV, the transaction even in Vietnam to help the country’s gamers MMO is more accessible.


Not only that, there are players must also upload the installation of Final Fantasy XIV on a high-speed host, to create favorable conditions for Vietnamese gamers easily downloaded. In general, you will be guided quite meticulous and detailed, from the first steps, such as how to play the game, to content as well as how to play Final Fantasy XIV.

As we have previously introduced, Final Fantasy XIV: A Realm Reborn is an online roleplaying game chargeable hours of play (Pay to Play) at a price of 15 USD / month. The game was released on the PC platform and 2 PS3, however, in addition to the monthly fee, the game time gamers will still have to purchase additional game account with $ 60. However, as noted above, you can easily find purchase card accounts as well as playtime even in Vietnam, rather than online payment with a foreign bank.


If you do not know, Final Fantasy XIV: A Realm Reborn is a remake of the original Final Fantasy XIV game – the worst version of the popular game series Final Fantasy. Although the section 14 of the MMORPG Final Fantasy series, but this title did not go according to play turn-base (hit turn-based) as before the move permanently into a true immersive online gaming with non-target fighting style.

Comments on Final Fantasy XIV, many gamers Vietnam estimates that owns this online game is very beautiful graphics and both eyes. Moreover, the gameplay in this game is very attractive, reminiscent of the old Final Fantasy games. In addition, although the server located overseas Vietnamese but gamers can still easily experience this MMO without worrying about transmission problems.

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