Be cheerful with Monkey Go Happy 7

Monkey Go Happy series is now on its seventh serving which is Monkey Go Happy 7. This series, which involves monkey, has been offering fun and cuteness together with a touch of difficulty that sums up to the overall appreciation of gamers. The objective of this game is the usual agenda, which is to make the monkeys happy in many different and assigned way or method. There are puzzles that will surely keep the player think or guess while making this sad monkey turn into a happy one. A new edition in every game means that there is something new to offer. Monkey Go Happy 7 serves several features that will make the game more exciting.
There are now 20 levels where players will have a good time which is 5 more compared to the previous versions. There is also a new customization option where one will be able to dress up his or her chosen monkey with 12 different hats and 12 different shoes. The achievements correspond to additional points enabling one to upgrade more features. You can discover this game if you search it online.


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