Guide People To The Finish Line In Skywire 1

This is a game that action fans will enjoy. You will be playing as a chairlift, and you need to guide your passengers to the goal line. At first you will have just three passengers, but you need to be careful because there will be some obstacles on your way. Because of those obstacles, your passengers may fall off the chairlift. To finish the level successfully, you need to lead at least one of them to the finish line. On you way, there will be some objects that will fall, swing or jump, trying to stop you.

skywire 3 (3)
Do everything to miss them because, touching them can cause falling of your passengers. These are some important game tips. Although the graphics of the game are basic, as well as the controls, sometimes it isn’t so simple to keep the passengers inside the chairlift. The game also has 20 levels to complete.




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