Shoot zombies very hard at Bounzy 2

Do you have any idea what Bounzy 2 is all about? Is it connected with balls because of the word bounzy? Is it connected with a bar? Or does it has something to do with the gaming world? If you choose the last option, then you are correct. Bounzy 2 is the second edition from the flash game series called Bounzy. This doesn’t involves balls but zombies. Yes! Zombies! But this is not a scary one since it is a shooting game which is about adventure as well as peace and order. Continue reading the article to know more about this game.

Bounzy 2


This fun sequel to the shooting game series has certain things to offer. First are the weapons used in shooting. Second are the zombies to be killed. The player’s objective is to shoot and kill the zombies with bounding bullets. The less ammo you used, the higher your score will be. The best chance of attaining a big score is by shooting

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