Call your friends and play Bang Howdy!

Bang Howdy is a tactical and strategy game that is played and set in a madcap wild area. This is a multiplayer game. You can play this along with your family, classmates and friends. This game is very challenging especially in utilizing your artillery, cavalry, gunslingers, with a steam gunman.

You can be assisted by a robot that is wearing his cowboy hat riding on his big wagon wheels. You also have all the control to your cowboys. Always make a good decision for them when to move and when to shoot. Make sure to get a perfect movement and shooting ranges. You have to execute your strategy as how it was planned with the use of the map in different types. Collecting gold nuggets will also help you in the entire game. Do not let your enemy in your land and grab your cattle. This is a really fun and entertaining online game for everyone.


Bang Howdy (2)

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