Rescue them all in Rescue Panic

2.jpgThe main character, Vijay, is a racer. Unfortunately, he broke the expensive race car he was using and that car is worth $5,000,000, WOW!! And now he has to repay for the expensive repair on it. Being a professional racer, he got easily the job as an ambulance driver. And his job is to rescue all the town citizens who were in different kinds of accidents.
Rescue Panic is created by Little Giant World and sponsored by It is a challenging and exciting game as you rescue the people and bring them to the hospital. Plus you have to watch out your gas, car health and car temperature. You control the ambulance by keyboard. Only, it is a little hard to control the ambulance. But probably, as you play you will have a grip on controlling it plus the upgrades will surely help.


Coaster Racer 2

Do you have any experience of playing the most enjoyable series Coaster Racer? If you have played its first part called Coaster Racer 1, then get ready to have the another part which is the 2nd sequel of this series named Coaster Racer 2. It is a very popular racing game, developed and launched by Longanimals.
In this version, a player will need to participate in a thrilling and exhilarating race, so a bike or a car would be driven by him to win this amazing race game. You are not alone in this game, more than 15 racers are there to compete with you and you all have to drive your cars over the insane, unbalanced, and badly made tracks. A lot of fun is waiting for you to enjoy, so give it a try today and show the driving skills.

Coaster Racer 2

Guide People To The Finish Line In Skywire 1

This is a game that action fans will enjoy. You will be playing as a chairlift, and you need to guide your passengers to the goal line. At first you will have just three passengers, but you need to be careful because there will be some obstacles on your way. Because of those obstacles, your passengers may fall off the chairlift. To finish the level successfully, you need to lead at least one of them to the finish line. On you way, there will be some objects that will fall, swing or jump, trying to stop you.

skywire 3 (3)
Do everything to miss them because, touching them can cause falling of your passengers. These are some important game tips. Although the graphics of the game are basic, as well as the controls, sometimes it isn’t so simple to keep the passengers inside the chairlift. The game also has 20 levels to complete.




Action of Hambo 2!!

Guys, the famous Hambo flash game is back with its latest version Hambo 2!! Again the plot is about shooting but it is providing some new weapons, new features and many other facilities. This addicting fun game has quality graphics and great sound effects. Just enjoy and show your skills!
Your goal is to shoot the enemy. You will be in a particular position and your enemy will be in his position. Through using your mouse you have to shoot them. Remember, you need to click the mouse in a tricky way so you can aim the enemy. Otherwise you may die by your own bullet or your aim might be failed. Moreover, you cannot go out of ammo. The timing will be there, in a certain time you need to shoot and kill. If you perform well then you will get good score.

Hambo 2 (2)

Games Free Online


Do you have a sharp eye for details? Then how about we put them to test in games all about finding hidden objects? If you think you can pull though all the challenges then play this game and learn more about these games. You’ll love the various choices of games that you can play online for absolutely free.


In the site, the games vary from simple to complex ones so the players can choose what type they want to indulge in first. Hidden object games are ideal for the laid back type of players who wants to play and enjoy good old mind stimulating games. Whether you are stuck in bore dome or just looking for something to put your hands and mind into, hidden objects games are great to achieve it. You only need your mouse to click but your eyes and your brain will do most of the job for you.

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Truck Loader 4: The Challenge

Therefore, there is a need to be cautious still. On the brighter side, there are other types of games which reach the intellectual capacity of the players.

Those games are the ones which integrate learning to the fun experienced. One example is the Truck Loader 4 game, which incorporates Physics in all its challenging levels. This game is the fourth instalment of the truck loader game series, and it promises a lot of challenging, yet fun levels to play with.

The game starts with the first level, ‘Let’s start’. As expected, this is the welcoming level, so the players are given a challenge which is entertaining and easy. The green button is pushed so that the box from the top will fall, and then the forklift truck will just push the box to the truck. As a reminder, after pushing the box inside the truck, you, the player controlling the magnetized forklift truck, should leave the truck immediately, or else you will end up getting stuck at the back of the truck.

Now, let’s jump to the tenth level, called the ‘Box Cannon’. In this level, the forklift truck will push the box to the lever, sliding it, and pushing down to the truck.  It may look easy, but a player who just plays without thinking might find this level challenging.



This is one reason why Truck Loader 4 game is considered as one of those games which reaches the intellectual capacity of a player, because nobody gets to the end successful without finishing each level with flying colors. Yes, there are available cheats online, but using them ultimately defeats the purpose of playing the challenging game. Using the cheat removes the challenge.

As the level goes higher, the challenges prove to be more exciting. For example, level 20 is called ‘The Tricky One’. True enough, the challenging level is tricky for the players. There is a two-level lift on the left side. The forklift truck takes on the lift going to the second level, throwing the first box to the end, so that it pushes the blue button. The blue button will then elevate the lift and the forklift truck to the topmost level, where the second box is found.

The magnetized forklift truck will then throw the second box to the lower, second level, shooting it to the portion with the green button. Pressing the green button will open the bar, throwing the box straight to the truck. As for the first box, the magnetized forklift truck will pick it up to the lift going down, then pushing it to the truck. For this fourth offer, Truck Loader 4 has again, proved to be a very exciting 30 challenging levels game.

Royal Revolt 2

Royal Revolt 2 had a chemical version of Vietnam for Vietnam market and attracted a large are gamers Vietnam.

Royal Revolt 2 had a chemical version of Vietnam for Vietnam market and attracted a large are gamers Vietnam.

Royal Revolt 2 is the sequel to the game Royal Revolt brings a taste of the Tower Defense genre. Royal Revolt 2 was released for free and are well known throughout the world by developing Flaregames firm. Royal Revolt 2 game mobile online using medieval context – where the struggle for land and power an everyday happening.

Royal Revolt 2 content is useful sequence after the event to win back the kingdom of the young prince in the Royal Revolt. So the main task of the player in the second part will not all are once again led troops to the city, the Royal Revolt 2 is like a real-time strategy game with real construction jobs, research science and engineering research, army, defense toolmaking …


The main interface

When troops go conquer another stronghold, the Royal Revolt 2 is very similar to an MMORPG when players followed instructions and use military skills, upgrade equipment and to open the way to attack.


com-flaregames-craftedevil’ much loved tower offense game just got a sequel. Royal Revolt 2 promises to bring more fun, more battles and much more action compared to its predecessor, according to the Play Store description.

For the uninitiated, the game is all about building your castle, setting up your defenses and attacking other players for fame and fortune. The sequel comes with some innovative features including the ability to play both offense as well as defense, which was not available in the original.




Bang! Howdy

1503 is a fast paced tactical strategy fun in a wacky Wild West world.
Introducing a hybrid between turn-based and realtime strategy gameplay, Bang! Howdy is played in short fast-paced rounds. The players use winnings earned as they play, along with a microcurrency system, to purchase and customize persistent Big Shot units, which influence their play-style and strategies in future games. As the player progresses through five unique Wild West settings, new units, gameplay scenarios, arenas, customizations and game features are introduced.

Dakka painting

Welcome all to the 13th round of the unofficial  challenge, the first in a new and improved rotation of challenges that will run over the next 12 months! It’s been a hell of a good run on these challenges for the first year of running them, and once the last results are in for February all manner of awards, retrospectives and general internet nerd partying will happen! For this month, though, we’re going back to where it all began, the Space Marines!

That doesn’t just mean you are limited to Adeptus Astartes and their traitor kin, though! Last time, we had all manner of creative entries, from Orks in looted Power Armour to a baffled squad of US Marines that found themselves IN SPAAAACE… and such outside the box thinking is definitely encouraged this time round. Equally, if you do want to just paint up any kind of 40k Marine, be they Chapter or Legion, Loyalist, Traitor or Renegade, Scout or Terminator, Tactical Marine or Chapter Master, then go for it!



Brandish your cutlass and musket and prepare for swashbuckling and adventure on the Spanish Main! Whether you’re marching your pirate army across the Isthmus of Panama as legendary pirate Henry Morgan or terrorizing the Jamaican coasts as the infamous Captain Rivero, Blood and Plunder is a game set in the caribbean during the 17th century that is guaranteed to evoke thrills and capture the imagination of miniature gamers.